Aligator Video Movies ( from 2001 was called Doom Video ) was South Korean-Taiwanese home video distributor founded in 1980. Defunct in 2010.

Logo 1 ( 1980-2000 )Edit

Logo: We see an anthro alligator. Koreans change it to Aligator. Sorry about that. Anyways let's go to next part.

FX/SFX: Unknown. No name.

Music/Sounds: MGM/UA logo. Then alligator sounds.

Cheesy Factor: High.

Scary Factor: Nightmare

Logo 2 ( 2001-2010 )Edit

Logo: We see an anthro wolf.

FX/SFX: Same.

Music/ Sounds: Wolf sounds, scream  and wolf   

Cheesy Factor: None.

Scary Factor: Same.

Variant: In VHS Logo Collection the logo is scary than before. 

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